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Physical Therapy

Care with Heart Home Services specializes in providing home based services that you need and want. We know the frustration of the limits set by Medicare and Insurance companies. We allow our clients to make the decisions. You tell us how often to visit, what time to come, and when you feel you are ready for discharge.

Care with Heart allows our clients to dictate their plan of care, making our agency the agency of choice.

Care with Heart Home Serviceís physical therapists work closely with clients and caregivers to help clients become as active and independent as their condition will allow. Working closely with your physician or another agency providing therapy, our physical therapists will assess your condition and provide counseling to create and implement a home care treatment plan, including specific goals for recovery.

Care with Heart Home Services can also evaluate your home and make recommendations to improve safety and promote confidence and mobility. If you are planning a medical procedure, we can provide evaluations and advice before and after surgery.

Physical therapy is a key part of most rehabilitation and home care programs, with a focus on fitness, health, and enhancing the patientís quality of life. The following are example of what our therapists focus on in the home:

  • home safety assessment
  • fall risk assessment
  • balance training
  • transfer training
  • therapeutic exercise
  • gait training
  • home exercise program
  • Strength and endurance training
  • Activities of daily living training
  • Adaptive equipment assessment and training
  • Pain management

Education, exercise and evaluation

Care with Heart Home Services rehabilitation programs are designed to empower clients and their caregivers. Our clients learn transfer techniques and bed mobility, how to manage pain, and how to use mobility-assisting devices such as crutches or walkers. In addition, patients learn stretches and exercises that improve coordination, strength, endurance, balance and range of motion.

When does home physical therapy make sense?

  • When you are experiencing reduced coordination, strength, or balance
  • Following a recent fall, a sports injury or a medical event such as joint replacement surgery that has made mobility difficult
  • When continued therapy is needed following a stay in a short-term rehabilitation facility
  • If you are experiencing mobility-inhibiting symptoms from an ongoing medical condition such as arthritis or Parkinsonís disease
  • When you are not getting around as much as you did before
  • To maintain muscle mass, flexibility, and endurance
  • When your home must be adapted for safety or a recovery
  • Because you want it

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